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  • We take your business processes and computerize them to save you time and money.
    (See an example of a Simple Job Automation)
  • A standard solution would be to take a process someone is doing manually or with a spreadsheet and move it to a database.  Many times people have to copy the spreadsheet and then do a number of manual processes to get the results they are looking for. The user has no way to get a report for multiple months worth of data unless they hand type that information into another spreadsheet.
  • We define the current process and then after consulting with the people who use the process, design a new process that usually will include new computer programs (a new database).
  • We come into your operation and evaluate a process you would like to improve.
  • After consultation with you we design process and computer program(s) that will increase the efficiency or your operation.
  • Upon approval - we write the computer program, and install it.
  • We save you time and money.
  • Whether you buy from Business & Computers or someone else you need to understand the process.  We recommend you go through our article How to Buy Custom Programming


  • Understanding Business is more important than what we know about computer programming.  We need to know programming, but without our understanding of business we could not "Translate Business Processes from the Mind to the Computer to the Bottom Line"™.
  • I am Larry Gordon, the president of Business & Computers, Inc. I started this company in 1993 after owning and running a construction company (Gordon Energy & Drainage) for 21 years. I learned in those 21 years, that if you are able to track the big and small details and organize your business, you go from making good wages to great profits. In 1979 I started programming to help track and organize my business and the success was unbelievable.  In 1993 I sold the above business to 2 of my employees and went into the Consulting/Programming business.
  • I have a passion to make companies more efficient and more profitable.  It shows in the way we do business.
  • If you have some ideas of what you want, but would like a company who knows business and can communicate concepts to work with you, you want and need Business & Computers.
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